Jefferson Moody
Jefferson Moody

Jefferson Moody, AKA, "Rex, what the hell are you doing now?" will be introducing his novel, Road Kill: A Love Story, soon.

For HANK, a nineteen year old teenager, self-realization and eagle vomit go hand in hand. 

Road Kill: A Love Story, takes place in the rural Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, where eagles soar freely—unless some fool hits one with a pick up.

Hank is that fool.

In spite of Hank’s super abilities to make good things bad, and bad things worse, he’s won the heart of the girl of his dreams, has a job, and has a terrific mountain view—from his trailer park.

Road Kill: A Love Story,  begins when Hank’s lost it all.

Hoping into his pickup to run away from his problems, he immediately strikes an American Bald Eagle.

In order for Hank to save the life of one very pissed off bird, and win back the girl of his dreams, he needs to accomplish the impossible: grow the fuck up.

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